Really?  You can't even resemble Pitbulls now without being declared "Canine enemy #1"?

Apparently not in Ireland.  A family pet was actually recently put to death for looking like a Pit.  That's it.  Furthermore, the family was not allowed to say goodbye and only a portion of the dogs ashes were given to them following the execution.  Yes, I said execution. That's what it was! Euthanization my azz.  Read more at

WTF, right?  Well, things aren't much better here in America.  While Pits aren't completely outlawed here as they are throughout the UK, we're getting there.  Many states and areas have laws regarding pitbulls that do not apply to other breeds.

As recently as last year a law was proposed in Texas that would have made owning a pitbull a felonyWTF???

Other states have 'special' laws regarding this breed also.  Relatives recently told me that Chaparral and other nearby parts of Dona Ana County (possibly all of New Mexico; I'm not sure)  are now forcing owners of dogs deemed "dangerous" to pay fees for owning them.

I have 2 WTFs' on that one New Mexico.  First, for what?  Where's the money going? Second; Who and on what basis decides which dogs are "dangerous" and which ones aren't?

"Big" certainly doesn't make that determination. Anyone who thinks only big dogs are mean needs to meet the terrier my neighbor has. (That little guy could bring Godzilla down!) Even among the larger breeds, their image is all anyone looks at or acts upon.  Great Danes and St. Bernards for example! HUGE and potentially very dangerous dogs, but with loveable reputations. Noone bans or kills them.

Big dogs are seen as loving family pet/security guards that will lay down their lives for their family; while Pits are malicious, evil monsters one snarling step from killing a kid. WTF?

I've been around Pits all my life and never had a problem.  (That's my current one in the picture!)

Caution, some of the images in the video below are VERY graphic.

Here is the simple truth of the matter; dogs behave according to how they're treated. Treat them mean, you'll make them mean ... it's that simple. No matter the breed.  (Iv'e had friends and family with small to medium size terriers and even border collies that made me more nervous to be around than any Pit ever did.)

It's cruel and uncaring owners that should be banned.  Not animals that have no say in how they're treated.  Or in how they're destroyed.

So, I'm calling bullcrap on this whole anti-Pit crusade and hopefully all you other dog owners will to!  Before your neighbors, your city council or "Big Brother" come looking for your little (big) buddy to.

To see about adopting a Pit, contact the Animal Rescue League of El Paso or the Humane Society of El Paso. (That's where I got mine and I can't thank them enough!)

What do you guys think?  Are Pitbulls, or ANY large breed for that matter, more or less dangerous than other dogs?