Time for another WTF Wednesday.  Todays takes us to Oslo and then back home as we look at Crime and punishment; Swedish/American style!

First up, Sweden. The recent massacres there comitted by Anders Behring Breivik have shocked the world.  Now there is some speculation as to where he'll be jailed.  Here is one likely spot according to a story at yahoo.com.

I'll grant you , we should try and help people with problems, but COME ON!!!!!!!  There are poor, sick, homless people all over the world that will commit ANY crime to get into this thing!  Prison isn't supposed to be a 4 star hotel.  To me, the idea should be to make it as unappealing as possible (short of cruel or torturous) so that noone wants to go there.  The thought of life in a cold gray 8x10 cell with no luxuries and hard labor may even prevent a few crimes.

What happened to prison sentences meaning a small cell with a bed and a toilet and a day spent working on something for the common good??  I thought some of our prisons were to "cushy" like, but this takes the cake. (I wonder if Arizonas "Sheriff Joe" has seen this place?? For that matter, if the Swedish inmates of this one had seen Sheriff Joes jails in Arizona; I wonder how many of them would have gone on ahead and committed their crime?!?!)  WTF??

Back to America now.  The condition of our prisons of course, only applies to people that actually GO there.  My (most recent) case in point; that waste of flesh, Casey Anthony.  She beat the rap, has the laws help in hiding from people who would like to see justice done and now; stands to make a fortune?!?!  Read the full story from yahoo.com.

Pesonally, I think they should force that C-word to do the interviews. Then, apply the money towards our national debt issues.  Then make her do MORE interviews to pay back the money that was wasted on her wild goose chases.  THEN put her in some kind of public dunking booth or similar device. (Have her in it Mon-Fri, 8-5 .. and a half day Saturday .. at minimum wage!) The money THAT generates could probably pay off the national debt. 

Honestly .. WTF???????