I don't run.  I've always said if you ever see me running, it's best that you just run in the same direction and not ask questions because, something terrible is going on behind me.

Today, I read about the "beer mile".  It's a marathon of sorts, similar to other marathons except for three crucial details.

  • 1st: It's only a mile.  Not a 5 or 10k and certainly not a 26 mile Boston marathon type deal.  1 teeny mile.
  • 2nd: Being only 1 mile means you don't need all damn day to run it.  Even if you're incredibly WTF-ing slow, we're still only talking an hour or so.
  • 3rd: There's beer involved!  Everything's better with beer!

Seems the Beer Mile has a new record holder.  This race requires runners to down a beer after every lap.  Check out the NSFW vid below.

The faster you run .. and drink .. the better obviously, this is a "race" you know.  Plus, happy hour isn't going to go on forever so you need to get the "race" over with and head for the bar!

We have a group here in El Paso that's already hip to this, The El Paso Hash House Harriers.  These folks don't even use tracks, they just run directly from bar to bar!

Suddenly, Dubba G finds exercise appealing! WTF? (Vid is NSFW)