Ever have one of those days?  Overslept, can't find your car keys ... lost your drone ...

The National Guard recently, ahem, "misplaced" a four million dollar drone.

The drone, which was flying over Lake Ontario, was under the control of the New York Air National Guard's 174th Attack Wing in Syracuse.  It was (fortunately!) unarmed.

Col. Greg Semmel explained the situation as follows:

"The mission was going as advertised, up to the point where we did lose control of the airplane," he said, adding that there were no injuries presumably because the drone is unmanned and the lake is very cold this time of year.

PRESUMABLY? there were no injuries because it just happened to be too cold for (many) people to be on the lake?  Really?  Yeah, that makes me feel WAY safer about these things buzzing around the country.

Heads up, (no pun intended), if you live in that area as there could be a reward for finding this thing.  Since the National Guard apparently can't.