My answer is no.....hard no.


Mostly I would say no because its Justin Bieber and I just think he is an idiot. Then I saw the tattoo he put on his own tattoo artist's leg and decided his skills are another good reason not to.

While in New York, the wanna be thug went to his friend Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy's tattoo parlor and the artist let Bieb's tat him up with a HIDEOUS juiced up mouse with the word "Swaggy" next to it. Worst tattoo by the worst artist? If you can even call him that.

Well, now the parlor is facing fines up to $2,000 for allowing someone without a license to give a tattoo. Minnd you, this is the same parlor where Rihanna AND Chris Brown gave the same owner tattoos as well. Seems like he really hasn't learned his lesson. You can watch the video below and see how ugly it really is. If you want to see a better picture click here.