Ever suspect that your lady is cheating on you? A new service is offering a way for you to find out — if you don’t mind being super creepy.



Flickr user Sew Ripped

Infidelity DNA Testing, on its website, says “Do you suspect that your partner or daughter has had sex recently? Would you like to verify and confront them? Semen Analysis is the most appropriate form of testing and the best way to find out if your partner is cheating or your daughter is having sex.”

So if you suspect your woman of getting it on with another man, feel comfortable rummaging through her dirty laundry and then sending her panties off to this company, you could find out if there are traces of another man on them. The company doesn’t list its panty-prodding prices on its site, but if your suspicion has driven you to the point that this sounds like a good idea, you can call for a consultation.

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