It seems like we have men all wrong, do men actually want more cuddling? Apparently that answer is yes, and there are cuddling workshops popping all over for men to enjoy. Which leaves the question: would you ever join a cuddle workshop?


Women are always known for being into the after sex cuddling. The feeling of being emotional connected, not to mention physically, is something we women strive for with men. Well, apparently men are looking for that too. Cuddle Party is now in its 11th year of being ran, where people of both sexes get together to feel the touch, with clothes on. Sorry horn dogs out there. There's even a process to ho you will get to know each other and then end up in a cuddle puddle together. Are you interested in joining a nonsexual cuddle puddle? I'm surprised but check out their website on how to join an already established party or host your own. You can even donate if this is the sort of thing your money would do best supporting. Would you ever join a cuddle puddle of this sort? Comment below and let us know!