We’re having a contest to win Texas Showdown Festival tickets. All you need to do to enter is submit a photo of your worst tattoo by clicking here. Want to see the submissions so far? Keep reading!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Paul Ward, you have the WORST tat and it won you a 3-day pass to the Texas Showdown Festival.

Irma M.



Michael G.

Does that say HIV?

Carlos A.
Cassandra P.
Andres P.
Nellie F.
Ashley M.
Shakita B.
Cesar V.
Jordan M.


Pedro H.
Virginia V.
Eric L.


Patricia A.
Tony M.
Cassandra D.
Nathan F.


Paul W.
Juan V.
Justin R.
Samuel C.
Jessica L.
Michelle G.
Joe R.


Luis S.
James F.
Erica M.

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