Here's what we have on tap for today's True Crime Report which feature stories of women going crazy:

A Woman Punches a Man When He Refuses to Say He's Her Boyfriend . . . On the First Date

Last week,  35-year-old Jillian Martone of Boca Raton, Florida went on a first date with a 39-year-old man.  After dinner, they went back to her apartment, and she referred to herself as his girlfriend.  When he said she was WASN'T, she FLIPPED out, PUNCHED him, and grabbed a kitchen knife.

He wrestled it away from her, called the cops, and she was arrested for aggravated assault and battery.

Here's her mugshot:

palm beach county sheriff's office















A Woman Assaults Her Lesbian Lover With an Ironing Board When Her Detachable Adult Toy Goes Missing:

On Thanksgiving, 24-year-old Arteesha Donaldson of Rock Hill, South Carolina  couldn't find her DETACHABLE LATEX PENIS.  She thought her 28-year-old lesbian girlfriend had either taken it or lost it, so they started arguing.  Then they started fighting . . . but things ended when the 24-year-old tossed an IRONING BOARD at her girlfriend.  She was arrested.

Here's her picture: