Two Florida beach bums decided to steal a canopy and chairs, that were left unattended. When the owner of the items walked up to the ladies, camera in hand, things got weird.

The actual owner of the items left his beach gear alone, to take his son back to the hotel for a nap. When he returned, he found two bikini wearing thieves struggling to take down his canopy. He started recording the incident and asked the women if the canopy belonged to the women, because they seemed to be struggling with the dismantling of the frame.

Of course, the middle-aged women were smooth in their answer, playing off every question he threw at them. Once the women started getting frustrated by the questions and realized he wasn't going to put the camera down, they attacked!

The camera cut off, once the women lunged toward the poor guy, who wanted to be identified as Rich. He told a reporter, once the camera went down, the women started threatening him. One of the thieves even yelled, "I'll grab your dick!"

Rich has the best comeback for her attempted junk grab, "I appreciated the offer but didn't feel the chemistry was there."

He didn't press any charges on the women, but will not be leaving his beach gear unattended, ever again!