Warning: This is a graphic video with a large amount of blood. Viewer discretion is advised. A woman in Chicago was arrested and then violently thrown into her cell, causing several bones in her face to break and the cop actually files resisting arrest charges against her.


Cassandra Feuerstein of Chicago was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence on March 10th and was taken to the Skokie Police Department. When she was there, she was taken from her cell to be processed and asked to call her husband. Instead she was violently thrown back into her cell, hitting the cement bench inside it where she lay motionless for a few seconds.From the impact with the concrete bench, Feuerstein had broken bones in her face, stitches to her cheek and now has a titanium plate in her cheek after reconstructive surgery.

The officer that push Feuerstein into the cell actually had the audacity to file resisting arrest charges against her, but the State's Attorney dropped the charges later after the video was released. The officer in question however, had no disciplinary action. Due to this, Cassandra Feuerstein has filed a lawsuit against the Skokie Police Department.

You can see the video below and judge for yourself, although it doesn't take much to see that there really is excessive force used against Feuerstein. Check Out Photos Of Her Face Afterwards Here