Just when you thought people couldn't get any weirder. 

Wednesday, Keyshia, a 22 year old girl came out on the television show 'My Strange Addiction' and shared with the world one of her favorite things to do ... apparently, she loves to sniff and chew on dirty diapers.

Keyshia, who at the moment is pregnant with her first child began her addiction 2 years ago. She says she has smelled and chewed approximately 25,000 soiled diapers so far. Stating that the heavier and the more urine on them, the better. "Has to have pee in it" is one thing she specified about the diapers. Keyshia is hoarding and taking these dirty diapers from everywhere, from friends and even from strangers.

Her fiance, Jerome (yup, she's engaged) is actually fed up with her bizarre cravings, says that she leaves the diapers everywhere, even in mugs. Her response to that, "Wash the cup." (Duh!) He's pretty surprised how far she will go just for a sniff / taste.

In the video, she says she has them pretty much all over the house; her drawers, trunk, pocketbook, in the kitchen while cooking, even while sleeping. In case, you are curious on the taste, she says they taste similar to that of sour candy.