I don't use public toilets. I guess if you're a woman you have no choice. The poor woman in this video falls victim to the worst prank ever. Check out what rescuers used to free this woman. Did they do the right thing?

I thought you're supposed to look at the toilet seat before sitting down? Maybe she was just in a rush but whatever the reason is this poor lady suffered a lot of humiliation. I still think she should have just squatted over the seat or maybe she could have used something called a seat cover. They have seat covers everywhere I go.

Check out this news clip below and her hear explain the whole ordeal to the news crew. OMG and the raw video from this whole thing sounds very painful. Is she going to get a pay out from Home Depot or is she SOL? I still think she should have looked at the seat before sitting down.

Want to see a prank gone right? Check out the one below. A man's friends find him passed out drunk in his car and, in an effort to stop his drinking and driving, convince him he's been in a coma for 10 years.

Drunk Man Fooled Into Thinking He's Been in a Coma for 10 Years