Marcey Hawk has been blessed with more than just talent. She playfully uses her size 30D breasts to create her unique works of art. I wonder if she would be willing to do face paintings...

Hawk has created multiple paintings using a canvas, paint and her boobs. She even has her own technique called, "the squish and swirl", which also sounds like a pretty good car washing technique. These paintings might not be great in detail but you can see plenty of nipple.

Celebrities have even purchased some of her paintings such as Rob Dyrdek, Russell Brand and Hugh Hefner. The typical guys you would imagine to have naked women hanging in their dining rooms.

You can purchase her paintings online at websites like Etsy or Ebay or create your own. I would love to hang a painting created using man boobs over my bed. Check out Hawk painting one of her artworks in this video and feel free to try it for yourself. You can send me the finish product, I will happily accept it.