This is why she believes she was kicked out of an area during the concert in Chula Vista, CA. Click here to read her outrageous accusations against police and the security guards at the show.  

Chaloner Woods/ Getty Images

A mother spoke out to the media about her allegedly getting kicked out of a concert for breastfeeding her baby. But the Chula Vista Police Department came forward to say no, that is not why she was taken from that area. Police say she was removed from the moshpit area because she had an infant with her.

Megan Christopherson attended a Brad Paisley concert (can you even call it a pit at this point) at the Sleep Train Amphitheater July 10th. Megan took out her cell phone to record the entire interaction between the mother and the police during the confrontation at the concert. In the beginning, you see the police ask her to come with them out of that area of the concert. When she asks why, they inform her that she is endangering her child with the loud music at the concert. The police officer even called the District Attorney to see if having her baby in a loud, volatile pit area during a concert is a concern and they informed him yes, the mother is indeed endangering her child. The officer asks her again to leave the area which she does while becoming visibly upset. The baby this entire time, sleeps on like nothing is going on. This may be because the bands haven't started playing and the baby is able to sleep.

After taking her out of the venue, he explains to her the reasons why it is dangerous for her to be in a pit area with an infant. At this point, the mother complains, saying she believes the real reason she is being kicked out of the concert is for breastfeeding the baby in public. The officer informed her that the breastfeeding is absolutely not the reason they were removing her from that area. The officer gives the woman the option to be seated in a different section that would be safer for the child, or she could get a refund for her tickets. The woman chose the refund option.

After this concert, the woman went to the media, complaining that she was targeted for simply breastfeeding her baby in public. The woman explained that the security guard told her people had complained about her breastfeeding in public at the concert and that she needed to stop. The news station found the entire video though on Youtube. From the video, you can see that it is entirely a different reason that she is removed from the show.

You can watch the news story about this woman below, and then under that we have added for you the entire video from the confrontation. Whose story do you believe? The woman or the police? I personally agree with the police. No matter what the genre of music, a pit area is not safe for a child's ears or tiny body. One overly excited person and there could be a serious situation on your hands. I applaud the police for removing the woman from the crowd, to ensure the safety of the baby. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.