Do you enjoy Monster Energy drinks? Well you better watch out for Satan consuming your body, after consuming that can of liquid energy!

A video of a lady trying to explain the Monster Conspiracy theory is blowing up the internet. People are going crazy with the idea of them falling for Satan's addictive liquid. Before you run to church, you might want to really process the arguments this woman is making.

She believes each minim of the letter M in the Monster logo, resembles the Hebrew letter vav, or 6. When you put them together, you get 666! WHOA!

Hold on, there is more. The on the Monster can also has a line going throw it. What could that possibly mean? Well this lady believes, "The cross turns into a subversive witch symbol when turned upside-down."

Tons of other forums, usually on religious website, have been sharing this conspiracy theory for years. Looks like it won't be going away, anytime soon.