Call off the hounds, everyone. If you haven’t seen this chick, Lindsey Stone, and her insensitive photo at Arlington National Cemetery, you’re not missing much. Another young person trying to be funny and now the nation is calling for her head. Ease up, America.

First, I’d like to remind you that this nation was founded on freedom of speech and expression (including very stupid expression sometimes). After seeing a dozen comments on a Facebook page calling for her to be deported or killed, I nearly lost faith in this country.



Is it insensitive? Yes. Is it stupid? Yes. Should she be tarred and feathered for a stupid mistake she made in (I’m assuming) her twenties? No. Everything will be okay. Get a grip, America. Shame on the people who are blasting her company and putting her Facebook page and phone number out in the public. The harassment of the company and this girl is equally appalling. Death threats are never okay.

I say stay strong, Lindsey Stone. Everyone makes bad decisions and this, too, shall pass. But, let’s hope you learn a little more about respect in the meantime.

My last call to appeal to a brighter America is this, if you feel emotionally compelled by this photo perhaps you should channel your anger into something more positive like adopting a soldier this Thanksgiving or handwritting a thank you letter to those serving instead of berating this young woman. There’s no use spreading more hate she’ll never see. Instead, do something nice for a soldier to spite her inexcusable actions. Make this awful photo be the reason you help a soldier this week. Don’t fall to her level. Be the change you want to see.

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UPDATE: Lindsey and the person who took the photo released an apology. What do you think of it? Do you accept her apology? Read it below.

"We sincerely apologize for all the pain we have caused by posting the picture we took in Washington DC on Facebook. While posted on a public forum, the picture was intended only for our own amusement. We never meant any disrespect to any of the people nationwide who have served this country and defended our freedom so valiantly. It was meant merely as a visual pun, intending to depict the exact opposite of what the sign said, and had absolutely nothing to do with the location it was taken or the people represented there. We never meant to cause any harm or disrespect to anyone, particularly our men and women in uniform. We realize it was in incredibly poor taste, and are deeply sorry for the offense we have caused. We also sincerely apologize to LIFE, Inc. It is an amazing organization that provides invaluable services to adults with learning and developmental disabilities. We are beyond remorseful that our actions have caused them such undue public scrutiny. The disrespect implied by our picture has nothing at all to do with LIFE’s mission statement or values. We regret having caused any suffering to the staff members, residents, families and friends.

Again, we very sincerely apologize to everyone who took offense to the photo. We realize that it was an ignorant and distasteful thing for us to do, but we truly meant no harm. We are deeply sorry."


What do you think Lindsey should do to rectify the situation? Personally, I’d like to see her volunteer with our military to understand the ramifications of what she did, but what do YOU think she should do?