Valentine's Day is tomorrow and all the couples are trying to figure out what to get each other. But let's not forget about all the single people out there! What do you do for Valentine's Day? Do you hide from the holiday altogether? Here's what I think

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There is a huge new movement of singles who aren't hiding from the dreaded Valentine's Day, but instead embracing it. Either attending singles events where you can find someone to celebrate the night with, or going out with all of your friends somewhere, most singles aren't taking the holiday lying down. Instead of staying at home and crying themselves to sleep holding the teddy bear their ex gave them last year, it is time to get into the holiday.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a special someone in your life. Personally, I think it's better that way. There's no woman or man in your life to get upset if you don't get them anything and you get to save yourself some money! When you go out with your friends too you can scope out all the good looking people out that night and not have to worry about hurting someone's feelings. And if you go home with some random that night even better! You can even sneak out before they wake up and not have to call them back, or have that awkward morning after forced discussions. Hit it and quit it I say my friends!

So tomorrow if you're single, enjoy the day and celebrate your love you have for yourself. And your close friends. Because trust me, no one will ever treat you better than the way you treat yourself. Unless you have some amazing friends like I do. Then you would want to spend it with them too. The holiday is about spending time with the people that you love, not necessarily someone you are in love with.

So what do you guys think? Is Valentine's Day a day you are supposed to only spend with someone you are dating? Or do you prefer spending the day with just friends, family, and whoeverr?