Okay, so a short time back, Veronica posted something about how nice guys don't finish last, and blah blah blah..same old thing women always say when nice guys complain about dating. I have a great example of why this happens.

Ladies, listen up.

You always date the biggest douche-bags. When presented with the option between a nice guy and a douche-bag, you ALWAYS choose the douche-bag.

You can't help yourselves.

Okay, occasionally you get it right, but most of your dating career is spent on the wrong guys. (And when you DO get it right, it's usually the end of your dating career.) Probably for something as simple as the size of his penis. It doesn't matter how he treats you, or what he does, if the peppie is huge, you're hooked. (Quick tip: the nice guys can have big ones too, but if you don't bother to find out, you'll never know.)

Lisa is my prime example/guinea pig. I'm sure there are really good guys that she's been asked out by, but she keeps chasing the same morons. Lisa, quick tip. If the guy ever texts something like this:

You should probably realize he's a douche-bag, and move on with your day. I wish she was the exception, rather than the rule, but alas, she is not. I could tell more stories about other women, but I'll save that for later.