"We aim to keep this place clean. Your aim will help."

It was brought up in conversation today how disgusting bathrooms get with men's seeming inability to hit the target. (I'm not sure how we got on this subject, but conversations here either follow tangents like this or devolve into perversion. We're a bunch of children set loose in our own building.) Women were complaining about cleaning it up, the nastiness, and how disgusting men are in general. There are even some politicians who are trying to force men to sit instead of stand!

There are a number of threads on the internet about this, mostly people bitching about it and guys shrugging (I assume) and saying, "Dunno." But there are a few responses that seem to be better thought out.

Here's a well written response to the question, from a plumber no less, that only misses one point:

  • When the stream first comes out you can't always get it pointed exactly till the urine stream is started. So, an early miss is possible.
  • Some times two streams come out and one can't get both in the toilet.
  • At times there is a fluctuation of bladder pressure and the stream veers downward faster than one can re-aim.
  • At the end of the [peeing], the stream gets weak and is harder to control, this can lead to a dribble or two.
  • Splashing, there is nearly no way to prevent splashing. One tries to hit the bowl on the side to prevent it, but the previous points prevent this from always happening.
  • It is very hard to aim while playing Angry Birds.

Courtesy of Quora

The only thing he missed is the "Peeing After Sex" problem. The best way to explain this is with a classic Jim Carrey scene from Me, Myself & Irene:

So you see, it could be your fault ladies for giving in to our begging for sex! You should stop giving in and we won't...hey, wait a minute! Is this a trick?

You almost had me there!