When I was Younger (howling sound)....a long time ago. I studied music, Orchestra  to be exact (cello/bass). I remember sitting in class, my walkman cassette player on, full blast to the sounds of Van Halen, Ratt, Led Zeppelin, and yes AC/DC!

My teachers walking in and telling to turn that "crap" off !

I will never forgot the day that ALL my teachers at one point or another would say... "That Rock and Roll stuff has no place in Classical music!"

How times have changed!

To Mr. Angerstine, Mr. Booth, Dr. Yun, Dr. Pertie, Maestro Gaskin, and my favorite....Ms. Solis (whom I had a MAD crush on) and truly understood my appreciation for Rock music.

I dedicate this to YOU... 2 Cellos!! ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

Oh Yeah...that's Steve Vai.