Apparently, the celebration was jumping.

Denis Duthie, 65, was kicking back a little too much vodka at his parents 50th wedding anniversary. After about four hours of drinking, he went to the bathroom and couldn't see. He decided to 'sleep it off' (because that is what you should do when your vision is gone).

Next day, having lost complete eyesight, his wife rushed him to the hospital (glad they thought that wasn't some sort of emergency). Doctors at Taranaki Base Hospital informed him that he had excess of formaldehyde in his blood, which is what happens when your body ingests too much methanol.

The cure: Ethanol ... which is found in whiskey. (Sweeeet!! Now I have an excuse to associate with my best friends Johnnie, Jim, Glenn and Jack.)

Doctors administered ethanol through gastro-intestinal tract but ran out, (how much do you have to take?) so they rushed over to the closest liquor store to buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black.

Duthie stated, "I thought it was pretty bloody good", (I second that!) and after 10 days in ICU, he got his eyesight back. (Yay!)

Do keep in mind guys, whiskey does not cure all types of poisonings ... especially 'alcohol poisoning'.