We've all wondered this, well, maybe the men. Which countries have the biggest buxom beauties?

The website Targetmap allows users to collect data and make interactive charts to show the results of the data. One user yarkko made a map of the average breast cup size of the countries in the world. I wasn't surprised to see the results and find out the country that had the largest breasts.


The number one country for the largess breasts was Russia, which didn't surprise me. The country is known for the absolutely stunning women, who men would even pay money for to marry, so its not surprising that they also have the largest breasts. Russian women came in with an average of having a larger than D cup breast size. Americans The countries with breasts averaging a D cup were the United States, Colombia (Sofia Vergara anyone?), Venezuela, Germany, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria and others. The smallest breast sizes came from African and South Asian nations. Who knew so many European nations had such large girls they were working with? If you want to see the entire list of countries, as well as where your favorite ethnicity you love for the ladies scored. Here is the entire map for you to see!