So my boss on Saturday told me he was invited to a party tonight in Hollywood. Just that would make me jealous enough but then he told me WHO the party was for and I was EXTREMELY jealous!

Its not big enough of a deal you have autographed posters in your office of Ozzy Osbourne but then you get invited to the CD release party for "13" and even get a personal message in the email: "The GUYS would love to see you Thursday night. Hope you can make it." The GUYS?! They are even good enough friends to say they would like to see you and get a personal invitation.

When I asked if he was going, his reply was, "No." That's it. Just no. I would drive out there right now to go and be at that CD release party tonight. But instead he said he doesn't want to go he is too busy with work. Pfft. What work is more important than listening to the new Sabbath album with the Prince of Darkness himself?! NOTHING!!! Look at the invitation and cry yourself to sleep tonight.

Kevin Vargas