I've been in some conversations between guys arguing about why they are a boob man or a booty man. They usually come up with some interesting reasons but some studies say there might be a scientific reason why men have a favorite. Which is your flesh toy of choice?

This scientific study I stumbled upon believes when boob men see a woman with a fuller chest they believe she is healthy and a good mate. This attraction is also thought of as a mother to infant bond that lasts a lifetime. Sort of creepy but it is a nurturing bond. I think men just want something in their face so they don't have to talk to us during the dirty.

Booty men are seen as more like wild animals. The same study hypothesized that men who are attracted towards women with big ol' booties are more in touch with their cavemen roots. Generations of men who loved the view from behind passed it on to their offspring until missionary was the cool thing to do. Science stuff is boring and everyone has a different theory.

I like to find the boob men because that's all I have going for me. What kind of man are you? If you aren't sure, watch this video of random people explaining why they love what they love!

WARNING! This video has some vulgar language! Not safe for work!