Super Mario posted this picture on Facebook of his work fridge and it got me thinking, what is the grossest thing you have found in your fridge?

Also, feel free to comment about what you think this is? Because I honestly have NO IDEA what it could be? Dehydrated chicken? Mushroom? Alien? Who knows! Whats the weirdest thing you have found in your fridge? If you have a picture, email them to me at and I can make a post about them!

Too bad I just cleaned out my fridge yesterday for the trash man, because I think those eggs that went bad a month ago would have been fun to crack open and see what happens to them. If this post could be a scratch and sniff, you could at least smell my fridge and know how horrible it smells. Trust me, it does. Let me know and also send in pictures, what is the worst thing you have ever found in your fridge or is in it right now?

Super Mario