She probably won't date you so don't bother asking, I've tried.

Facebook/Lzzy Hale (OFFICAL)

Being an intern here at KLAQ is pretty amazing. I don't get paid but I get to do some awesome things like interview Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.

I think they allowed me to do this because they know I will probably freak out in her presence and make myself look like an idiot before the interview. Anyway, I am crazy excited and would love to have fellow fans get a chance to ask her anything.

Send me your questions to or leave them in the comment section. I plan on compiling some of my own, the Lzzbian fan group and your questions for this interview.

I'm already nervous because Lzzy is just unbelievable, has an advice column in Revolver and even interviews others like this interesting one with Arejay! She gets the detailed information on the death of Animal from The Muppets.

She is a pro with media and I'm not worthy! Wish me luck!