This weekend, Alice In Chains will be rocking Uproar festival in Albuquerque. If you could interview the band, what would you ask Will DuVall and Sean Kinney?

Antonio Marino Jr., Loudwire

Sometimes, my job can be so hard. This week I will be going up to Uproar festival to interview Will and Sean of Alice In Chains. As I was working on some questions for the band, I started thinking what would I want to know as a fan of the band? The best way to get that question answered is to ask the fans!

There are so many die hard Alice In Chains fans out there and I know you all have the questions you really want answers to but never have had the chance to ask them. Well now's your chance! Comment below or email me at and let me know what you want the guys to answer. From the in depth to the silly, I will ask almost any question you have for them!