So, how is he supposed to kill someone, when he can't even reach their knees?


People say that other countries can have a dysfunctional criminal justice system and Pakistan may be the perfect example of that. Nine month old Musa Khan was charged with attempted murder after an altercation between his family and police about gas cuts and price increases. Gas company workers were trying to collect on overdue bills. The baby was charged because an inspector complained that Musa's "whole family" beat him up and injured his head. Apparently, the police took it that it was EVERYONE in the family, including the infant.

When young Musa went to court for his appearance, he cried as his fingerprints were taken as he was being held by his grandfather. The baby is now in hiding with relatives while he is on bail until his next hearing which is April 12th. The provincial law minister said that an investigation has been ordered into the charges against Musa Khan and one policeman has been suspended.

You can check out the entire story here and see the pictures of the poor baby crying while he is being fingerprinted.

Here is a video about the child's arrest.