So, I just read a blog on our sister station KISS-FM's website that Patty Campos posted about what men are thinking about women. While it's good, it seems to be a little off. Here's the original blog, and these are my humble thoughts on it.

1) Men are very fearful of rejection.

Patty tells the ladies to smile at guys. This is not bad advice, but also remember that, for the most part, guys aren't very good at picking up subtleties. Throw a peanut at us, hold up a sign saying that you're looking at us because you're interested, signal us somehow. Women will also glance at someone, the guy will get the wrong impression, and make an ass of himself. Guy tip: BE LESS SUBTLE.

2) Men are admirable because they face a lot of rejection.

I think I speak for all guys when I say, thank you.

3) Men will try to preserve you "girlfriend potential" if the really like you.

Guys and girls are a little different. We don't become best friends with people quickly. We don't commit to a long-term relationship quickly, either. We'll date and get to know you, until we're sure of what we want. So, yes ladies, be patient with us.

4) Men are visual beings, so they want an attractive girlfriend.

Any guys that says physical attraction doesn't matter at ALL is a freaking liar. It also doesn't mean that you have to be drop-dead gorgeous, either. Ladies, admit it...if you can't even look at your date, they don't stand a chance. If you have absolutely NO physical attraction to someone, it probably will never go anywhere, for either of you. This goes for you ladies, too. Don't lie.

5) Men do judge woman negatively by the way we act and look.

I think this goes both ways, actually. If you're just a party-girl, sure we'll sleep with you, but long-term dating? Probably not the crossing our mind. I'm sure you feel the same about us.

6) Men know up front whether they are attracted to you or not.

This is where she gets things backwards. Yes, men know if you're attractive, and we know that we would sleep with you. Dating and marriage? See my #3 above. We figure that out quite slowly. Women are the ones who make the snap judgements on dating the first time you meet men! If a woman meets a guy and doesn't immediately have him in the potential category, he will forever be in the dreaded "friend zone". My tip, ladies: Fix that crap. You say you want a great guy, but you always leave them in the "friend zone", so you can date the douche-bag who treats you like dog food. Nice going.

7) If a guy likes you, he will eventually let you know if he hasn't already.

Guys can be a little tentative about this, especially if you've put him in the "friend zone". Stop telling him he's "such a good guy" and a "great friend". These are keywords for guys that tell us that you're not interested.

Oh, and when a guy flirts with you and you say "you're flattered"...yep, that's right...that's another "friend zone" keyword. You don't tell a guy you like that his flirting is flattering, you just flirt right back at him. So guys, if you flirt and she says she's're in the "friend zone".