There is a new drug trend for young marijuana users where they take an old favorite and now are turning it into a new product. Dabbing, how dangerous is it really?

Dabbing refers to the process of taking Hash oil and heating it in a oil rig pipe and smoking it. The THC level in hash oil is about 90% more potent than just smoking marijuana. The reason this has become so popular with the younger generation, is the same reason it has the name "dabbing." Just one "dab," and you don't need anymore. One dab, you get more of a high than one with one hit off a bong. Two dabs, and you are completely fried out of your brain.

This is where the dangers of dabbing come from. Getting so baked out of your mind that you are nauseous, vomiting, and in some cases even passing out. At a NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) conference in Los Angeles, the cops were call three times due to cannabis overdoses from dabbing. At a NORML party in L.A., one man passed out and actually cracked his nose on the sidewalk. Now due to dabbing, there has been now a story of one person actually dying after smoking the hash oil. It wasn't directly correlated to the hash oil, but from passing out and cracking their head.

So is dabbing the best option for those who want to get extra high? After seeing all this information on it no. It seems like something that can be especially dangerous to some people.