Have you been accused of being an EPWLB? First, man up. Second, keep reading to learn what someone just called you.

Coined by Buzz Adams and the KLAQ Morning Show, an EPWLB, often seen as #ELWLB, is an El Paso Whiny Little Bitc*.

Yep.  You were probably complaining about something when you should have been manning up so you got called an EPWLB. Here’s a tip on how to NOT be an EPWLB - stop complaining. Just don’t do it. Learn to laugh it off, come up with a funny joke to turn the mood, but whatever you do... don’t whine. It’s that simple. Don’t worry, bro. You’ll earn that man card back in due time.

For now, check out our message board and leave your opinion on what makes an EPWLB.