I guess I have scare me tattooed on my forehead cause once again I got pranked! I came in to work and Scott was being friendly and asked me to sit down to talk to me. The first thing I thought, was I got in trouble for something here at work when in reality I was setting myself up for trouble. I kept asking him to just tell me while I stood there but he insisted I sit down. I then grabbed the chair as I was looking at him I felt something strange and looked down to see a SNAKE! I jumped back and he of course starts laughing his toosh off saying he had been waiting an hour and a half to scare me! That my friends is how you should know something is up when Scott Ronson is being friendly! So being the second time I've gotten spooked by co-workers I am debating on having a prank war. Take the poll below if you think I should give payback to those who have spooked me.