Over the years KLAQ has given away thousands of free things. From t-shirts, bumper stickers, caps, pens and even our old promotions van. My favorite is still the shot glasses. Maybe this year we'll work on a few beers mugs or glasses.

While doing some much needed cleaning, I found a box full of Old Free KLAQ stuff. I also asked some of our co-workers,( thanks George, Scott and Glen) if they had some old stuff.

Check some of this stuff out !

Do you have any Old Q stuff? Why don't you share them with us?

E-mail me your picture with ,a brief story of when you think you acquired it  and WHO (if you remember ) gave it to you.

I'll post Your picture in one of my next posts.

Send them to : supermario@klaq.com

If its very old, I'll ask the Bosses for something New for you to add to your collection.