The Super Bowl is one of America's favorite spectacles and has essentially become a national holiday. With the Super Bowl being one of the biggest days to cook out, I wondered, what are you cooking or serving?  Take Our Poll and Vote for Your Favorite.


Here are my top 5 Super Bowl foods( snacks )


1. Chile Con Queso / Nachos : I know it seems terribly obvious, but no proper Super Bowl party is complete without QUESO!


2. Wings : there is no food more essential for a Super Bowl party than wings. When I think Super Bowl, I think buffalo wings.


3. The Deli Meat Tray : Although often forgotten, it's always a good thing to have a spread composed of some salami, pepperoni and various cheese options.


4. The Veggie Tray : Yes, you need to include these. At some point, we all like to mix in some healthier foods so we don't feel like complete slobs while we pig out on junk food.


5. BEER: Okay, okay, so technically it's not a food, but trust me—a Super Bowl party without beer is like watching a football game on mute. It just doesn't feel right.

Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images