is a great way to find crazy things for great prices. If you're really into celebrating Halloween, why not buy yourself one of these creepy gifts? They have things for every age and some things you wouldn't believe.

Scrolling through the wonderful site of, I have stumbled upon some of the weirdest Halloween things you probably wouldn't buy your mother, unless she is a freak like that. Give the gift of horror by freaking out your family, friends and even pets with things you think they would love.

Here are my top 10 picks of the coolest but creepy gifts you can waste your paycheck on.

  • 1

    Unicorn Ski Mask

    The ultimate Halloween costume as arrived. For those of you, who aren't too excited to dress up would love this gift. The ski mask makes you seem like a scary robbery but the unicorn horn will get you plenty of hugs.

  • 2

    Cat Nip Toys

    Cats are jerks so if you are lucky enough to get them into a costume, reward them with these awesome catnip filled severed finger toys. They will spend their Halloween night high off the nip and won't be getting into your candy.

  • 3

    Mummified Animals

    For the weirdos in your crew, give the gift that keeps on giving, mummified animals. Yes, they sell plenty of mummified animals like this octopus, pigs and sheep. You don't really love animals unless you mummify them.
  • 4

    Intestine Doll

    Children would love to spend hours just pulling out this creepy dolls intestines and stuffing them back in. Forget spending all that money on Barbie clothes, all you need is some red fabric and keep putting it in this weird doll. I feel this is going to be a hot item during Christmas season!

  • 5

    Headless Baby

    If your kid wouldn't love the intestine doll, then maybe a headless baby doll would be better for the little freak. It doesn't cry and you don't need to feed it just use it to freak people out! Just make sure your child doesn't start admiring Michael Myers.
  • 6

    Vampire Flower

    Show your love with a bouquet of Vampire Flowers! This adorable flower will want to suck your blood but will probably smell amazing as it does. Hopefully these will get you laid by a Twilight fan.
  • 7

    Bloody Birdcage

    Destroy any bird lovers soul with this creepy birdcage. A little zombie baby will become your new pet since he ate your old one. He will probably still be just as annoying.
  • 8

    Crow Eating Intestines Prop

    Who would love a gift of a disgusting crow eating a pile of nasty intestines? I think people would love to scare their neighbors or office staff with this gruesome prop or they shouldn't celebrate Halloween!
  • 9

    Vampire Tea Bag

    Vampires love their blood so why not celebrate Halloween with a lovely tea party. Grab a pack of these "vampire tea bags" and share a nice hot cup of blood with your followers. If you are wondering if that's a tampon, you are totally right. This is a genius idea.
  • 10

    Predator Paintball Helmet

    This handmade Predator inspired paintball mask is freakin' sweet. When you go out into a paintball war, if you don't have the skill at least try to look awesome. I'm not sure if you would be willing to destroy this amazing mask for a game but it is something fans must have and is the best one on this list.