Found some bad news, some "eh" news and a reminder about some great news!!

First the bad news; Coheed and Cambria booted their bomb threatening bassist.  I posted a blog awhile back about Todds robbery attempt and the band have now reached a decision on what to do.  He's out!! Read more at

Reel Big Fish are out a singer.  For the time being anyway, Aaron Barrett has been hospitalized. Seems to be doing well though and hopes to be back on stage tomorrow!!  Read the whole story at!

Who would you put in the top 10 metal guitarists list??  Here's what the folks at Gibson guitars came up with .... Metallica and Maiden got a "split" vote!! (New rock on the way from Iron Maiden by the way!!)

Check out whole the list at

Finally, check out the video below for your reminder.  I'll keep throwing this out there every now and then .. right up to the day of!!  There is a  HELLUVA party  coming to Vegas...