Tired of hearing "weather delay" as the reason your flights late or cancelled?  Here are a few other reasons flights get screwed up.  All true!!

1982.  Larry Walters, a guy with WAY too much time on his hands, attached 45 helium balloons to a lawn chair to see if he would really fly.  The chair took him to 15,000 feet, drifted over LAX and caused mucho delay-o.

1993.  LAX, again, is out of whack because then President Clinton got his infamous haircut aboard Air Force 1.  While the plane was parked for him to get spiffed up for Monika, the rest of the LAX world waited an hour.

2011.  Another 1 hour delay at LAX.  (What's up with LAX?)  Actor Alec Baldwin was escorted off a flight to New York because he wouldn't turn his cell phone off.  (Nice. Hijackers and terrorists get by but, boy you make a phone call and look out!)

This kind of weirdness isn't strictly an American deal. Or even a human one!

Photo by Alan Crowhurst/ Getty Images

2011.  Manchester, Englands International Airport was shut down for almost an hour because a dog that was out walking his humans near the airport got loose.  While they chased the whippet around the grounds, 12 flights waited and an arriving flight was diverted to another airport!

The airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico routinely (Routinely, I said!) has all kinds of delays because iguanas native to the area like to warm themselves on the runways.  I wonder what kind of training it takes to be a part of the elite IRT (Iguana Removal Team) agency?

Iguanas aren't necessarily hard to catch but no handler has it as easy as JFK/New Yorks famed TRT. (That would be the "Turtle Removal Team" or "Turtle Team 6!)  They were called out in 2009 at JFK in New York.  A port authority spokesman said;

It’s mating season. They were horny turtles.

As long as there was a good reason.

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