Wayne Static's debut solo album, "Pighammer" comes out on Oct. 4th and the timing couldn't be more perfect! He will be out here celebrating Rocktober in El Paso on the 7th. Coming to El Paso should remind him of home, since deciding to leave Los Angeles and move to, well, basically the middle of nowhere. The singer spent a year out in the desert just writing and preparing new material for his solo debut album.

"I was influenced a lot by living in the desert and being away from all of the distractions a city like Los Angeles can bring. It's a completely different vibe out here. It was a necessity for our sanity. My wife and I both grew up in small towns. I was raised in a town called Shelby, Mich. and then lived in Chicago for 7-8 years. I eventually came to Los Angeles and got Static-X started. But now that we're living in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors, I feel like we've both come full circle"

Sounds like he's purdy happy in his musical and personal life. Another good thing is if you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors you can get away with doing a lot of shit that normally doesn't fly in a metropolis like Los Angeles. If you want to read more about his new music, life, and his sexy wife Tera Wray click here.