Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I find this video on the internet. Because isn't this the type of thing the internet was made for? 

HelloDenizen via YouTube

Youtube user HelloDenizen has put up one of the best videos I have seen on the web in a long time. Is it the amazing dedication to detail he has making the tiniest burritos ever, or the adorable way the hamster grabs the burrito with his two front paws and proceeds to eat the burrito like a human would? Minus the whole stuffing the cheek pouches with food part. Although if I did have this ability, I would utilize it when I went to the movies, I would save a lot of money on hot dogs and popcorn if I could store it in my mouth.

My favorite part of this video is you can comment under the video and tell them what tiny food you want them to feed the hamster next. My ideas? Enchiladas, although the sauce may get a bit messy for the hamster without a fork and knife. Not that I think the hamster would actually know how to use them. Also a chicken pot pie, at room temperature. A burned mouth from hot food probably irritates them as much as it does me. But watching the hamsters amazement at the delicious food inside the flaky crust would be totally worth it. Any food you think a hamster would look cute eating? Comment below and let me know!