I'm a big fan of UFC and think it's better than boxing. Check out how you can win a trip to fight week in Las Vegas plus you won't believe some of the knockouts in the video!!

I think I like the UFC because it reminds me of my house when I was growing up. My two older brothers would get into really intense fights. I remember my older brother following my middle brother around the house and taunting him by calling him a "F****t".

My middle brother would get all loco and start punching my older brothers face and pulling at his hair. Then my older brother would return with a paintball gun and point it at my middle brother, but I guess he forgot my middle brother has a deflated basketball for a brain, because he kept coming for him.

They always had weapons of some kind like broomsticks, paintball guns and shoes! Oh I remember this one time older brother returned to the house, kicked in the door and start swiping at everyone in the house all Hope Solo style. Eventually the cops showed up and arrested him for confusing the house for a UFC Octagon.

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KLAQ and Bud Light want to send you to Las Vegas for International Fight Week, July 3-7, to be part of UFC 175.

It's a 4 night, 5 day dream UFC experience. To enter to win just listen at approximately 11 am and 1 pm till Friday for your cue to call. Caller 9 will win a UFC party prize pack that includes a $70 gift card to watch the fight and 2 Bud Light UFC T-shirts. GOOD LUCK!!