Only an adorable walrus could get away with spanking a beautiful woman in public.

Most men would probably get slapped pretty hard if they spanked a woman, after taking a picture with her. If you're an adorable walrus, you will quickly turned into a viral sensation.

After acting completely like a gentleman, the walrus waits till the woman stands up and smacks the her right on the booty. His spank looks like it left her booty with a bruise as she is pushed forward and runs away.

The walrus looks like he is proud of his accomplishment and demands that woman to bring him a sandwich.

It will only take eleven seconds for you to fall in love with this walrus. He comes close to being my favorite animal but since cats have always been the jerks of the animal kingdom, they are still hold my heart. Next time you want to take a picture at SeaWorld, remember to watch your ass.