I see dead people ... Walking Dead people. (Well, I used to anyway, I have Dish.)

Today is the day ... the day most of us have been waiting for; the premier of Season 3 of The Walking Dead. Funny on how I was introduced to the show and was not really into it. Next thing you know I'm watching every episode along with the webisodes, buying the dvds, signing up for their newsletters and getting my Mom into it (now she's hooked).

Now, as for the webisodes, if you haven't seen those, I totally recommend them. Remember the zombie bicycle girl from season 1?

Did you see who else was there? Scott Ian of Anthrax ... all zombified. He explained on The Talking Dead how he loved the makeup and decided to go home with it so he could scare his little girl. (That's just mean!)

As for Season 3, AMC started airing their Season 1 and Season 2 marathon yesterday morning preparing everyone for tonights premier. Its still running ... I'm watching it! So if you missed last season, tune in.

Here is a teaser for ya; along with Dubba Gs post with a few spoilers from when the Season ended!


Can't wait till tonight! (Wonder where we're gonna go see it.)