El Paso’s Tastiest Yogurt, Crepes and Coffee

Iceit Yogurt & Sweets

Our El Paso, Texas frozen yogurt shop offers one-of-a-kind dessert options to loyal customers and newcomers alike. Once you step into Iceit Yogurt & Sweets, you’ll know you’ve found your new dessert haven.

Enjoy a Treat with the Family

Step through our doors and delight in all of the flavors of yogurt and toppings available. Your little ones will be dazzled with all of the options and you’ll find something to fit your taste, and your healthy lifestyle, too! Don’t worry, Iceit Yogurt & Sweets has enough flavors to keep even the pickiest kid excited so everyone in the family will have a great time here.

Chat Over Our Smooth, Delicious Coffee

Need a place to unwind and maybe catch up with an old friend? Enjoy one of our specialty coffee beverages while you relax and chat. The taste and quality of our coffees can rival well-known coffee chains any day!

Try Something Different

In the mood for something a little different but still want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Our crepes are the perfect solution! Thin, fluffy, and not something you’ll find many places in El Paso, TX, our crepes are amazing and will keep you coming back for more. Don’t hesitate to stop by and give our crepes a try today!


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