Two new, and very horrible, songs came out this week.  One was "I Hit it First" by Ray J., a boast track about the one thing he's ever done of note that didn't involve being Brandy's brother. The other is "Accidental Racist" by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. I have no idea if LL Cool and Ray are related or if they just have the same last name/letter.  Either way, "Accidental Racist" is a song that seeks to address and heal racism, while containing some of the most awkwardly racist lyrics this side of a David Allen Coe bootleg.

But these songs aren't just annoying. They're much worse. They're both catchy as all get-out!

Watch the following video as the Morning Show sings along to both songs and you decide which is the most annoying yet most catchy...or, catchnoyingest, if you will. You can register your vote in the comments because I don't know how to create a poll.

*Editor’s note - A poll was created for Buzz. Vote below while I try to teach Buzz how to make a poll... again.