Yeah.  I admit it.  I thought that said "lesbian" skier at first to.

A hot lady skier from Lebanon competing in this years olympics in Sochi is in a little hot water at home over topless picsJackie Chamoun shot a few sexy pics for a calendar when she was 19 and a few topless ones to!  Personally, I think the peeps in Lebanon should chill and let the girl express herself freely.  (As do the fine folks behind #stripforjackie and Boobs 4 Lebanon.)  Don't you?

Jackie says the topless pics were never meant to go public and she wishes everyone would stop resending and reposting them. I'm not sure that particular request will be honored as she is 1), smokin' hot and 2), people love topless photos of smokin' hot, 19 year old skiers.

If you also would rather not honor her request to stop staring at her ski slopes, check out this NSFW link.