Some students at a Utah elementary school were only given milk and fruit to eat, due to having a negative balance in their accounts to pay for lunch this week. If one of those students managed to get a lunch tray, school officials were quick to take it away.

The Salt Lake City School District admits they could have handled the situation differently but they had already notified parents of the students who have negative account balances. Parents of these students say they never received any information about their child's balance.

Parents say their children were embarrassed and humiliated by the actions of these school employees. They took the lunch right out of the kids hands and threw it in the trash.

Officials are investigating whether guidelines were followed in notifying parents.

My high school actually used lunch trays to humiliate students. My brother had detention during lunch, so they made him eat standing up. You ever try to open one of those milk boxes with one hand? It's hard!

As school officials look more into this situation, news reports have already interviewed some of these upset children. Here's one explaining what happened to her. I say they should start a food fight!