Have you or someone you know gotten busted at work for something you posted or showed on facebook??

You may be saved!!  There's a 75 year old law on the books that may protect you and (some of) your smart ass comments about the boss!!

It's The National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

In a nutshell, it gives private-sector employees certain rights regarding complaints about working conditions.

You're only safe with realistic comments about unfair or pertinent issues like pay, lack of time off, safety, etc..... General bitching and whining aren't covered. 

Where'd everyone go??  (I'm guessing I probably just lost about 70% of you with that stipulation!)  Those of you who still feel you may have been diciplined and/or fired unfairly should read this article!!

If you are going to post something that might get you in trouble, here's a tip that may help you. 

Do it with friends!!  :)

According to Lafe Solomon, the NLRB Acting General Counsel;

To be protected, there must be group activity. Mere complaining isn't protected.

Now; round up a "comment posse" and go get 'em!!  Or quit yer (online) bitchin'!

Got a story regarding a facebook "penalty"??  Let's hear them!!