If you're in the market for a large, stubborn, pretty much un-trainable reptile, call this guy!

A Russian man picked up an unusual souveneir while visiting Africa. A baby crocodile! Sergei Falkov bought it thinking it would be a cool, really low maintenance pet.  They don't eat much, lay around doing nothing all day and they don't bark. Sounds easy enough, right?   Except that, they grow.    A lot.

Photo, Getty Images

The cute, little 8 inch long crocodil-ito is now a 6 foot, 55 pound behemoth that's taken over an entire room in this guys apartment and even chills on the couch.  After years of trying to train it, Sergei is now worried (just now??) about his cat and wants to sell the croc. According to Sergei, for some reason, no one wants it.

But nobody in Irkutsk wants to spend money for such a pet.”

Gee, I wonder why?  I guess his next best bet is to contact Cesar Milan and see if he can "whisper" to crocodiles as well as he does to dogs!

Speaking of Cesar, he'll be at the Abraham Chavez Theater in El Paso Saturday night!

Catch his show, which is loaded with demonstrations and includes an audience Q & A session, thanks to Pet's BarnGECU and Happy Paws Pet Grooming!

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