According to Twitter, there’s a USC linebacker who is less than thrilled to be coming to El Paso.

Tony Burnett, linebacker for USC, (I’d insert stats here, but there’s nothing to really brag about) tweeted his distaste for being chosen to play in the Sun Bowl on New Year’s Eve.



Maybe he thinks USC should have been chosen for another bowl. Maybe he was hoping to spend more than a few days in El Paso. Maybe he’s just a douche bag that doesn’t realize the Sun Bowl is one of the most hospitable bowls his over-hyped team could have been chosen for. Oh, you were ranked number 1 in preseason polls? Where do you stand now? I guess the polls don’t go that high, do they? Congrats.

UPDATE- I guess Tony couldn’t handle a little heat from the Sun City. He just deactivated his Twitter account. Hopefully, he’ll run away scared from Georgia Tech, too.

Second Update- Tony reactivated his account and tweeted an apology. I found it interesting how the grammar in his apology stating his actions are not representative of his team or university was flawless. His grammar in every other tweet... atrocious. Hmm.